Michael Maron’s name is synonymous with the word “makeover.” His reputation as one of the world’s top beauty authorities, makeup artists, cosmetic developers and best-selling beauty authors is in a league of its own. Maron’s celebrity client roster ranges from legendary film icons and television stars to international supermodels and notable politicians.

Maron’s expert eye for detail, impeccable taste and love for transformation pioneered the makeover craze. A frequent guest on talk shows, with numerous appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Michael Maron was spotlighted as Oprah’s solo guest of the hour as he performed a makeover on Oprah in front of millions of viewers.

Michael Maron believes that every woman possesses unique beauty… and that looking beautiful comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. His positive philosophy, expertise and professionalism, along with his signature silver hair and boyish charm, have made him a television personality in his own right for nearly two decades. Maron has also been one of QVC’s most beloved long-term guests and resident beauty authorities. He co-founded and developed a number of successful cosmetic lines on QVC; one of which garnered the title, “Most Innovative Brand” of the year across all divisions of merchandise sold on QVC.

With a glowing introduction by Carol Burnett, his best-selling book, Michael Maron’s Makeover Magic, gained international attention by being the first before-and-after book to show scores of famous Hollywood stars without a stitch of makeup. In this iconic book, which has become a collectible, each subject was made up and personally photographed by Michael. His subsequent book, Makeover Miracles, was the first book to explore the combination of the latest breakthroughs in cosmetic surgery, anti-aging strategies and corrective cosmetics. Having served as former Makeup Consultant to the prestigious American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Michael Maron’s expertise in facial beauty, bone structure and rejuvenation has been sought after by cosmetic surgeons throughout the country. Michael is often invited to speak at medical symposiums. His polished presentations, gift for public speaking and likeability have made him one of the most popular and eloquent speakers on the lecture circuit. He has served as spokesperson for a number of Fortune 500 companies, including Clairol, Matrix, Unilever, Shaklee Corporation, and the Miss Universe Organization.

A child prodigy, Michael Maron became a professional portrait artist at age twelve. Bitten by the showbiz bug in his twenties, he dabbled in acting and modeling and hosted his own radio show on KCRW National Public Radio… but it was his penchant for architectural design, photography and filmmaking that took precedence over his former pursuits. Following a bachelor’s degree in architecture, he obtained his master’s in Film and Television at UCLA and was selected to join the UCLA Theater, Film and Television teaching staff. Production work on numerous primetime television shows followed. His love of photography heightened as he honed his self-taught photography skills. He then specialized in fashion and beauty photography. Maron’s work was embraced by Hollywood. Ultimately, it was his love of art and his passion for beauty that prevailed. Makeup artistry took his desire to paint to a new level, and he began “painting” the face of each of his photography clients.

Maron is a master of cosmetics, fashion, design, and product development. He has an innate sense of aesthetics and a talent for bringing innovative concepts to the world of beauty and entertainment. This, in combination with his articulate communication skills, telegenic looks and his multi-faceted knowledge of all aspects of beauty and design, are unparalleled. Whether beautifying a face, styling a client for the red carpet, or even designing a home’s interior, Michael Maron is the consummate style guru and a true image maker

Michael Maron also devotes a substantial amount of time and resources to charitable organizations, including Operation Smile. Some of his most rewarding experiences have been makeover seminars in women’s prisons and voluntary work in burn centers… places where his wizardry and compassionate personal empowerment help achieve startling and always heartfelt results. His nationally televised makeover on a young woman with Down Syndrome touched the lives of many. After all, this is the man whose motto is, “Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder… it is in the eye of the possessor.”

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